when a male sticks his penis in a women's vagina or ass and twists his dick around in the vagina or ass like a wrench.
I started wrenching jill last night she really enjoyed it.
by Arven September 23, 2007
Top Definition
To have a guy bend over with his ass in the air and have another guy side straddle the other guy and push his scrotum in his rectum. The following looks like a wrench and creates torque on the bottom guy's rectum.
Bob: im a catcher.
Chester: if thats the case, lets do some wrenching!
by theshakal2179 June 03, 2010
Process by which, when performing cunnilingus, you move your body around to a position where it becomes obvious that the woman should begin fellating you. Thus resulting in a spontaneous 69.
Everything was going well and it was all about me and then he started wrenching and I got the hint that he wanted me to blow him.
by 6 Murray September 20, 2009
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