Gordon Freeman's first weapon. Can be used to break stuff and attack.
The wrench is not just a weapon, it's the symbol of a hero. (quote from Sonny)
by catagon December 17, 2008
The biggest of all tools in the tool box. Usually a person who is fucking bitch and tries way to hard to be cool. Refers to all students that go to seton hall from Minnesota.
yo that kid is such a wrench

haha- look the wrench is walking by himself again, cause he has no friends.
by danisatool March 18, 2009
seth mermelstein or another loser of the same status
So, wrench, how's your crappy life?
by Robert January 24, 2005
another term for "hoebag" or "slut" :)
Those stupid wrenches over
there are flirting with Ian and Shane!
by gogoggogogo March 08, 2015

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