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a. A word used to identify something awesome. (also see 'wicked', 'hardcore', 'L337', etc.)
v. An act towards another that was completely awesome (and sometimes unnecessary)
n. Something that is awesome
"That was fuckin wrecksauce!"
"Holy schiz! You just wrecksauced that guy!"
"Dude, that shirt is pretty wrecksauce."
by ThatOneShortKid April 23, 2010
When you wreck someone/something so hard, "wreck" just doesn't cut it. An extreme form of wrecking. Can be used as a verb,noun, or adjective.
1) I just wrecksauced the shit out of him.
2) I just poured the wrecksauce all over her.
3) That food was wrecksauce.
4) I be drip drop drizzlin that A1 WreckSauce all over them.
by Zebradamus August 18, 2011
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