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1. The Animated Movie directed by Rich Moore.
2. A huge person with big hands.
I saw a Wreck it Ralph..oh he was HUGE!
by BroskiRalphing November 12, 2012
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During intercourse with a woman, just as he's going to cum, the man shouts, "I'm gonna wreck it" then proceeds to slip into crippling alcoholism and drug use, successfully "wrecking" his relationship, his life, and any dreams or ambitions he ever had.
Tim: Hey, Johnny. I gave Linda a Wreck-It Ralph last night.
Johnny: I know, Tim. That's why we're all here. This is an intervention.
by aerese January 07, 2016
When a man, while performing vaginal or anal intercourse with a woman in the doggy-style position, ejaculates while yelling "I'M GONNA WRECK IT!!!" whilst simultaneously performing a final power thrust and double hammer fist on the woman's buttocks.
Man 1: Nicole was acting straight salty last night
Man 2: That's why I gave a bitch a Wreck-It Ralph to shut her up tho!
by pillowpants6 February 08, 2015
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