one who casually drinks on a monday afternoon.
chris: yo boss, what are you up to?

wrangler: not much, just enjoying a g+t.

chris: shock.
by wrangles_lola September 29, 2009
A sex position in which one person male or female holds another in a head lock (does not have to be tight) while getting his dick sucked, and supporting the Wranglee while getting fucked.
The positions should make out an N from a bird eye perspective, relating to the middle n of the word 'Wrangler'.
by Joey_TMarshmallow December 31, 2011
The ECHL hockey team located in Las Vegas Nevada. They have lots of fine ass players on the Wranglers! YUm Yum
The Las Vegas Wranglers kick ass!
by Lisa June 20, 2004
Another word for G-string.
Rhyming slang: "G-banger" = "Jeep Wrangler"
"Check out that slut, black Wrangler under a white skirt. Tasty!"
by Drew Christx November 14, 2004
A man who cannot get fully hard but still attemps to fuck like a stalion. More often than not "wrangler" will be in his early to mid 40's and normally found at a bar trying to pick up 20 something women and throwing his tab around like a football.
I got drunk at the local pub, met a guy, thought he was taking me home to fuck and I got wrangled instead.
by flounder May 26, 2005
A type of tight pants that cowboys, hicks and rednecks wear. These jeans usually result in a low sperm count and small package. But just because a man has a small package doesn't mean he's not good. A man willing to put himself through the tightness of these jeans have to be good at something.
Girl: Look at the guy with the tight jeans they must be wranglers.... i would sleep with that guy any day.
by hicksshouldntbehated June 28, 2007
and absolute sulgish dick wad who doesnt do anything for him self.
god damn it sumner your such a wrangler get yo fat ass up and help your dieing mother
by mobizzle torrizzle April 26, 2005

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