'Whores of Zorpia'. A group formed on the web site www.zorpia.com for dedicated 'Attention Whores'. Started as a joke topic but quickly grew to one of the most frequented topics in the Zorpia forums.

Caused controversy because of the misunderstanding of the use of the word 'whore' in the title.

Members of the group were required to make a declaration "I'm a whore and I'm proud". The intention being to acknowledge the fact that most people on chat sites were there to get attention, and it should not be cause for shame.
"Did you see the WOZ thread?"

"Are you a WOZ member?"
by Rayz November 12, 2006
my nickname. A person who is considerably cool and cab handle tough situations. Generally speaks in 1337

also the handle of the apple computer guy :)
random n00b: hEY l00K!!!!!! IT"S TEh *woz* com1|\|g 0|\/|G 7|-|47 15 t3|-| 1337. |-|3 15 t3h c00|_ <3 43\/3|2

(the) _1-woz-1_ f33l |\/\Y \/\/Ra7H n00B!!!!11111!!111
by woz April 30, 2005
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