'Whores of Zorpia'. A group formed on the web site www.zorpia.com for dedicated 'Attention Whores'. Started as a joke topic but quickly grew to one of the most frequented topics in the Zorpia forums.

Caused controversy because of the misunderstanding of the use of the word 'whore' in the title.

Members of the group were required to make a declaration "I'm a whore and I'm proud". The intention being to acknowledge the fact that most people on chat sites were there to get attention, and it should not be cause for shame.
"Did you see the WOZ thread?"

"Are you a WOZ member?"
by Rayz November 12, 2006
Top Definition
Nickname for genius Apple Computer co-inventor, Steve Wozniak. Commonly heard as "The Woz". See: www.woz.org
"Without Woz, Apple Computer wouldn't have been the same."
by Speed Racer June 05, 2004
Shortened way of say 'worry'
Boesy:"oh shit! i forget to bring you the money"

Slobberdan:"Don't woz i got some spare change"
by The boesy boss July 10, 2011
The ultimate cool.
Damn bitch, thats woz.
by David November 13, 2003
A word commonly used by Australian women to refer to sexy redheads ie "Sexy Boy!"
"Dang, check out that Woz over there!" usually prefaced with the phrase "Uhuhuh".
by guinevere March 08, 2005
to jizz in the pants when seeing that Apple came out with yet another high-tech gizmo

Steve Wozniak (the creator of Apple) had the nickname "Woz" and thats where this word comes from
Advertisment: INTRODUCING THE iPAD 3!


*Calls other Apple Geek* Dude! iPad 3!
Other Apple Geek: *woz* oh......my.........god

teehee they wozzed themselves!
by blu3hat May 04, 2011
To screw over a girl for the purpose of having sex with said girl.
Bill went out with Sally and after a week they had sex, after which Bill immediately broke up with her. He thus Woz'd Sally.
by NNeeiill December 24, 2007
A furry, cuddly animal or person that often makes cute noises as a bid for attention or affection. The term Woz can refer to both people and animals and is often a pet name for a significant other.
Your cat is a total Woz, he just plomps down in your lap and starts purring and whimpering
by Fr1skyD1ng0 October 27, 2010
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