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Quite possibly the most red neck town north of Mobile Alabama. Woxall is home to SEVERAL of the most unshaven trailor trash whores of New England, even topping those whores of the famed Atlantic City.
That pie tastes horrible, where'd you get it, WOXALL?!?!
by TSDB November 22, 2005
possibly the most red neck town north of Mobile, Alabama and the most redneck town in the souderton area school district. Most people from around her own a simplicity or john deere and drive dodge or ford ONLY. It is home to some of the best bad ass people in the school district. Its not unusal to see some of these people skating or biking around town cause theres nothing to do. Theres nearly no women in the town. its a no rules do anything town.
man did you hear about that kid that set off 100 pounds of fireworks and got away?
yeah, i heard he lives in woxall
by woxallbmx;D January 17, 2011

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