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A word used by people with an intense interest in owls, known as "Owliacs" (see Urban Dictionary listing) to express wonder, amazement, or an outstanding success.
"Wowl, that is an amazing owl collection you have there!"

"Wowl, congratulations on making the team!"

Wow Owliac
by Owls Rock January 10, 2011
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Wowl is a combination of the two words "wise" and "owl". The word was created on 3/4/12 at 9:15pm when Rose DiGirolamo was Facebook chatting her friend Audrey "Ginny" Lain Jennings.
Rose: Wowl

Wise owl

A wowl is a wise owl.

You are my wowl

I go to you for advise

Audrey: You should put that on urban dictionary.

Rose: I fucking will.

Thank you for that advise.
by Rose DiGirolamo March 04, 2012
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A mis-pronounciation of the word "Whale". Commonly said by those with a strong Essex accent.
Shawn: "Mate, I fucked an absolute wowl last night"
Tommy Ray: "A what?"
Shawn: "A wowl!?"
ManoGeorge: "A whale, he is uneducated, as well as fucking fat chicks"
by ManoGeorge February 25, 2010
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An incredible, jaw-droppingly amazing species of owl that resides in the twisted minds of a handful of unique individuals.
Aliya: What's that?!
Chris: Why that's the majestic Wowl returning to the nest it has carved within my mind.
by -=Chris=- July 29, 2005
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an ejaculation given upon seeing an owl, a mix of 'wow' and 'owl'
wowl, it's an owl!
by Jeannie Nelson October 08, 2010
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