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1.(n) Someone who consistently performs unbelievable acts of stupidity.

2. (n) A person, usually nick-named Ricky Bobby, born with a mental condition and therefore has to work a million times harder to be able to do simple things (such as learn and communicate) that we take for granted. On top of this, a Woullet will usually suffer a lot of ridicule from society because people fear what they do not understand. The people who choose to make fun of the Woullets tend to be cannot comprehend that these people have feelings and emotions just like anyone else. Pause. Not.

3.(v) When you go to bathroom and have flaming liquid shit that makes you scream with pain, clench your teeth, grab hard onto the nearest solid object so that you don't get blown away, and wonder how you're still alive when it's over.
1. I sit next to a Woullet... FML.

2. Who pulled a Woullet in the Bathroom?
by lstyle4u October 14, 2010
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