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A white trash version of the popular "cougar." These older, sexually aggressive and questionably dressed women can be found preying on younger men at Wal-Mart, the bar at Applebees, Steve Miller Band concerts and other, yet equally popular white trash venues.
Did you see that Wougar ordering an Amaretto Sour at the bar? I couldn't believe her tapered Guess jeans circa '89, let alone the fact that she invited me to stop by her trailer later on. Maybe I should bring her some carnations and baby's breath from Wal-Mart first! You sweeten the deal. Wougars dig that sort of thing!
by BetsyDenver2009 April 27, 2009
A cougar with the excitement of a young woo girl.
A 40 year old woman hit on me at a concert, and then procdded to hollar "Wooooooo!" a lot. She is a wougar.
by Mat Masterson February 04, 2011
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