A wannabe poser E.g. W(annabe)(p)OSER.]

Or in simple terms, a person who is a poser of a poser.
Katrina: -farts in your face and sticks tongue out at you- Mwahahahaha!

Justin: Don't be sick, you maggot.

Katrina: I'm a maggot and proud. And I can be sick if I want to >.>

Justin: Well I'm a maggot too. Look- PEOPLE=EEW.

Katrina: Hah. Dude, it's People= SHIT.

Justin: ...

Katrina: Lol, woser.
by Pinkly Smooth xoxo January 12, 2009
Top Definition
A person who is willing cheat, exploit, or use any unfair advantage available to ensure victory or success.
"Tom, stop being such a woser by abusing that known item carry exploit and play the game as intended!"
by rayneman99 April 01, 2015
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