Every different person will have their opinion on this, so listing off a bunch of movies that you personally didn't like won't really do anything. However- Tom Green has admitted that he when made Freddy Got Fingered, he was trying to make it horrible, disgusting, and offensive, and when he won the award for "Worst movie in the World" he exclaimed "This is what I was hoping for all along! Thank you!" At least most people, when making a motion picture, try not to be revolting.
Why can't we agree that everyone is entitles to their own opinions?
"I think that Freddy got Fingered is the worst movie of all time."
by Katy December 26, 2003
Top Definition
Any movie with that fuckin talentless "J-lo" bitch in it.
Uh, do you need one?
by Ninjalo November 30, 2003
Romantic comedies (with a few, very few, exceptions.)
And others of course.
by Dick Burns December 09, 2003
1.most valuable primate, an insult to the whole game of hockey
the worst movie of all time
by vince March 29, 2005
Santa Clause Conquers The Martians is the worst of all. I got it as a white elephant. I can't watch it, even all by myself in the privacy of my own home without getting embarrassed and turning it off.
Santa Clause should go get stuck in some chimney and stay there.
by mismizundazto0d January 11, 2004
Battlefield Earth (John Travolta)
Gigli (Bennifer)
Waterworld (Kevin Costner)
The Island Of Doctor Mauro (Val Kilmer)
The Beach (Leo DiCaprio)
Glitter (Mariah Carey)
Dude, Where's My Car (Ashton Kutcher)
The Pest (John Leguizamo)
Also any movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme (except Timecop)
by Kurt91 June 27, 2004
1.) Gigli(I haven't watched it, but I know people who have and it sounds shite.)
2.) Bring it On(Load of garbage. About some annoying cheerleaders.)
3.) Ali G in Da House(Another unfunny pile of wank.)
4.) Gangs of New York(Torture to watch)
5.) Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone(Cheesy and nothing like the book.)
THEY are the worst movies of all time.
by Glittery Goddess June 26, 2004
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