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Throwing up. Can be used in two ways:
a) euphemism for drunk-barf.
b) euphemism for bulemic-induced barf.

Brad: Whoa... last night I got totally sloshed and was worshipping the porcelain altar for ages.
John: We know. We heard you.

Brittney: So, ok, I've been, like, worshipping the porcelain altar... if you know what I mean... and I think it's made me like, so totally skinny! But I'm still like, way fat. You know?
Kelsey: Yaaa, hon, ya. Trust me. I've been at it for like, a year. And look at me.
(Hip bones protrude)
I'm like, a blimp.
by grapefruit95 June 12, 2010
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