1. A small mystical creature of unknown origins sort after for their soft fur and strange stomach lining.

2. Hunted for prey.
Joey was feeling Wormy as the large hirogen chased her to steal her bones for relics.
by w00f October 16, 2004
Top Definition
To shove a finger into an unexpecting victims anus
(whilst they are fully clothed)and proceeding in shouting wormy at the top of your voice when doing it.
I just gave John a wormy and got my finger stuck
by D55E June 12, 2008
a word use to define anything.
A. damn girl your wormy(fine) as hell.
B. this shit is wormy(stupid)
by LoYaL HuStLeR May 27, 2007
When someone is being a big super slut.
Omg, did you see Lexi on the dance floor last night?? She was being super wormy.
by Wormygurrl February 22, 2015
An installation that is performed to a sub par or unworkmanlike manner. Typically done by unskilled or intellectually disabled tradesman, but often done by contractors who knows better but choses to cut corners.
"Jim, did you see the way they ran that conduit?" Jim: "Sure did, pretty wormy, must've been non-union".
by fishnelectrician June 24, 2016
the sickest game to play when your walking to nowhere, or with someone who is very weak or skinny >:)
Wormies !!!!
by KrustyKrabPizza April 30, 2009
dirty; wrong
that chick actin mad wormy
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
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