Male co-worker that you have developed a relationship that is beyond the normal co-worker relationship and more like a flirty romantic relationship.
On Valentine's Day you can tell your work husband "Monday through Friday eight hours a day I love you".
by Jim is hot January 16, 2007
Top Definition
1. The male counterpart of a female co-worker
2. A platonic, male, worksite 'mate'
3. A male co-worker that provides for your needs (i.e. snacks)
4. A male co-worker that provides moral support and guidance
Steve is my work husband; he came all the way across town to read my mantoux results!

You couldn't ask for a better work husband than Priestly. He always has snacks and treats waiting for me.
by Blackcat16 March 08, 2010
A male co-worker who gets all sorts of baked goods, free coffees and a lot of sexual harassment leeway and still complains about having a work-ball-and-chain and no fringe benefits
Emily's work husband, Matt, is always complaining that she asks for expensive things but manages to forget all the nice things she does for him on a daily basis
by elemmy16 September 02, 2010

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