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The moment in which one thinks the spelling of a word they are writing is incorrect but is in fact correct.

Can also be used to describe a variety of confused states of spelling such as not remembering how to spell an easy word. Also, blurting out something incomprehensible while speaking, only to have in mind what one was going to say the whole time.
"I just had a major worgasm on my test. I spent the entire test trying to figure out how to spell 'and'"

-"Hey is this right I'm trying to spell donkey but I can't spell it any other way than the way I'm writing it."
-"Yeah you're right but congratulations, you did just have a worgasm."

Guy:"Horse penis vagina lick!"
Guy 2:"How does it feel to worgasm all over yourself?"
by Hahnzilla November 09, 2009
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