A phrase used by members of tha 5 Percent Nation that roughly translates to a vow.
Word is bond, god.

:rolleyes: @ calling other people "god".
by Omega Death November 21, 2003
To Pinky Promise
Yo Billy can I borrow $5 I'll pay you back word is bond
by germ118 July 14, 2009
Saying this means that what you are saying is absolutely correct, and you do not have to put up money to prove it, you just say it. The term originates from the financial markets where hirstorically traders woul tell each other "my word is bond", i.e. my word is good enough, you don't need it in writing
"Cause I'm frontin' in my ride, and my word is bond" -- LL Cool J
by ac January 31, 2004
i swear to god; i said it so it's true
Yo, i heard you be messin' wit ma boyz, yo- i'll mess you up, yo, word is bond.
by wangster March 13, 2003
an idiomatic expression exclaiming the goodness of a situation.
Guy 1: G. bought me an ounce of weed.

Guy 2: Word is bond, guy!
by chihuahuahuasruletheearth December 30, 2004

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