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Something that allegedly prevents certain words from being defined but in reality is easy to bypass and hacks are made every day to get around them.
User: F***
User: Stupid word filter
User: Fuuck
by IamLegioned May 27, 2008
A word filter is, as the name implies, a filter for words. Various websites too fucking pussy to use proper internets english will use these strange devices to change one word into another. Example: faggot->homosexual, rape->tenderly caress, etc. Other websites (ie those that do not suck) will use them for more humorous purposes. 7chan is a prolific user of these, changing all manner of words for no real reason. For example, faggot filters to spider expert, while god filters to Bob Ross. Also known as cheesegraters.
zomg wordfilter pwned!11
by Jette V November 26, 2007
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