What your parents say when trying to realte to you and your friends; members of the younger generation they will never understand. Features prominently in extremely akward conversations.
Your Dad: So, word up, kids?
You: Hi dad.
Your Friend: Heh. Hey, not much.
Your Dad: So... what's you guys' favorite street?
*Insert stunned akward silence here.*
by asdf.what January 28, 2004
Top Definition
What your mom says when she's trying to be cool. You know she says it.
"Word up kids? Yo yo yo the notorious M.O.M. is in the house, homeyz! Better eat your veggies before I bust a cap on yo white ass."
"Your mom's fucked up, dude."
by Nick D February 25, 2003
What someone who is completely out of our generation says when they try to be cool, yet keep their pride.
" Hey Sonny, I mean, Word up, Kids?"
by Derek August 10, 2004
What your mum says to be cool.
"Word up, kids, howz ma homies?"
"Dude, look at your mum"
by Soiled Undergarment August 16, 2003
A popular icebreaker used by "cool" paedophiles.
Paedophile: "Word up, kids?"
Kids: "argh... help me, he's a paedo!"
by fazzfazz August 30, 2006
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