in spanish it means cute
you are a wopo and you will like it
by wyattXxxXXXx March 20, 2007
Top Definition
Short for water polo. Most commonly used in texts or IMs.
Texter 1: g2g Wopo practice @ noon
Texter 2: bibi
by summercamp! October 23, 2011
Short for woman police officer. Similar to po po.
Girl 1: You shoulda tried to get out of that ticket by flirting with the cop.
Girl 2: I couldn't, it was a friggin wo po.
by ashkalimba December 08, 2009
An acronym meaning "Whack Off Pass Out"
This party blows and all the broads are ugly. I'm gonna go WOPO.
by Detroit to NY November 17, 2010

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