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The true pronunciation of Worcester, Massachusetts, if you are from the state.
"I got a hundred blunts, a hundred hits, n*gga I'm from WOOOSTA!"
by chonuts May 14, 2005
A word used to describe a hot blonde that should be eiffel towered on a regular basis, or to describe a well-rolled blunt
-Yo did you hear that Reese got eiffel towered last night by John and Sammy?
Yeah dude, she's such A WOOSTA!
by woosta inc. October 24, 2011
Worcestershire Sauce. Goes with well done steaks, cutlets, chops, beer and Chartreuse.
Jen: "I can't believe that I ran out of Worcestershire Sauce before this BBQ!"

Alex: "It's OK I've brought a whole bottle with me - I'm drinking beer and Woosta tonight"

All else present: "Hu-Ah!"
by Greg January 07, 2004
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