A person who is one evolutionary step lower than a redneck. Ex: A redneck throws his used couch in a roadside ditch. A wooly booger comes and picks it up.
by Chloe North August 04, 2008
A hillbilly step-mother's term for a curly overgrown hairy outside of a female's vaginal area.
Whal, you cain't wear that to the pool, everbody's gonna see yer wooly booger from a mile away.
by SA Step October 13, 2010
an amalgamation of feces and toilet paper that clings to anal hairs after wiping. . .also know as a 'dingleberry'
I need to wipe better. . .I found five wooly boogers in the shower this morning.
by John Schiro March 01, 2007
The little balls that form on your sheets and clothes after too much use.
I need new sheets, these old ones have wooly boogers all over them
by inahotel March 18, 2010
A girls private area/vagina ,can be used as a replacement word for vagina for children.
" Honey please dont play with your wooly booger!"
by Brianam February 04, 2008

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