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A lovely 'bunch' of ladies - all previous comments referring to woolwich as being 'skanky' are most definantly untrue. If you did know of this school (which i'm positive you wouldnt if you said all that), you would know that the skirts are long - so please tell me how this is 'skanky'.

The girls whom attend are very delightful, although with the odd exception (much alike to any other school).

You people that think you are mad by saying all of this are just sad! You don't even have the guts to say your name, and step up to the plate - your just a whimp in my books!
The skirts of woolwich are short - so get over it, and stop slaundering a good school. Stop judging an entire skool by 1 person on occurence.
by mznewbooty November 17, 2006
a person of "hot bitch" quality or substance, often associated with those of higher status, excellent genetics and superior intellect.
Wow, fat ethnic, triple chin and miss glamorous 2006* are totally woolwich.

*names have been changed.
Short for Marist Sister's College, Woolwich.
Most poor and unsuspecting kids and their parents are lured there by the religious ramblings of the principal who talks about the good disicpline and excellent location.

1. Discipline my ass. I'm not sure that 'discipline' is in the vocabulary of most of the teachers at that school. The rules change every three fucking seconds, I'm surprised that a member of staff dosen't jump out at you every morning and say "GUESS WHAT KIDS?! YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR EARRINGS TODAY!"

2. Great location. Yeah, its fucking wonderful, I love having lunch underwater after heavy rain, its great having 'water views' from your classroom, the problem is that its probably a cascade of water coming from the over-flooding toilets or Lane Cove River has over flowed and flooded Jaricot buildings again. 90% of the kids that go there must have arthritis because of all the fucking stairs in that shit hole. The principal is too cheap to even thinking out making it any easier.

I would prefer to hack off my own legs and feed them to hobos than go to that school. There is no paper, everyone is a lesbian, and most of them are whores. The uniform was picked out by a blind rat with no legs and then thrown up on. It sucks. When I see those front gates, I get nautious. DO DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING THERE, IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE.
Teacher: Well kids, you're going to have to write your assingment on your arms today, because it looks like we've run out of paper again.
Student: Miss, have we even HAD paper this year?
*Meanwhile the principal is in her office, counting her money*

Teacher: Give me that headband, you shouldn't be wearing one like that.
Student: But Miss, we were allowed to before.
Teacher: Well, that was YESTERDAY, the rules changed as of four seconds ago, now go to detention.

Student: Oh, looks like we're going to have to sit somewhere else for lunch, where we usually sit is flooded again.

Student: My skirt is two inches long, is that too short? Can you see my thong?
Other student: No, thats a great length, and I love your thong, the hot pink really compliments the blue of your kilt.

Principal: Welcome to hell, I mean, Woolwich.
by xMurderTrampx September 17, 2006
Short for Marist Sisters College Woolich
The source of most of the skankiest girls in Sydney.
Look at that Woolich skank, that skirts too short to wrap a sandwich and theres more cleavage showing that Janet Jackson.
by oris June 14, 2004
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