An implied sexual term that describes the physical abuse of a penis.

a.) When a guy beats another person in the face with his cock.
That one nigga wouldnt shut up so i gave him a woolly mammoth and the beat the shit out of him wit my dick.
by ThisNigga August 07, 2008
Top Definition
Much older woman who likes younger guys. Usually a woman over the age of 65. Older version of a cougar.
Ted: "Did you see the way that lady is looking at me? What a cougar"

Jim: "Dude that's not a cougar, look at those saggy tits, that's a Woolly Mammoth"

Ted: "Oh well, I'd still rip her Depends off and smoke her hams"
by Romese October 21, 2011
A very blonde man who plays the trombone attracted to a very hairy man. Both men are in marching band.
Billy Bob: Jimmy D, you keep me so warm in the winter with your man hair.

Jimmy D: What else are woolly mammoths for?
by BBTM August 27, 2009
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