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A mythical creature, a close resemblence to a detached penis and ball sack, with eightt legs, first originated in an old southern folktale, in which this creature killed chickens at the command of a farmer who found it in a box, in the end, the farmer accidentally orders to kill himself
Farmer Brown's wife said, "get rid of that thing! its killed off our livestock!

Farmer Brown replied "No, you dont understand!"

His wife told him "Then fuck you!"

Unfortunatly he agreed "Fine then fuck me!"

The wooleybooger responded to his command by fucking him in the ass until he died. Tragic end.
by BigWoody February 15, 2007
appalachian " west virginia / eastern kentucky dialect" for a bigfoot/sasquatch
i was out huntin today and seen one tnem wooley boogers up that thar holler
by wooley booger April 30, 2015
An animal that looks extremely cute OR extremely funny.
Look at that basset hound! It's a wooleybooger!

"Wooleybooger!" said B, "You're such a cute husky..."
by Sugar_Drawers February 14, 2010
A term used when refering to a man who is unkept and usually had long hair, a rough beard. Often assoiciated with shady characters or someone you should beware.
Achenaar, Saavedro, bigfoot, Dan Haggerty on a bad day.
by linkerjpatrick December 28, 2003
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