1. A hair like fibre from the fleeces of sheep and other such animals from the Caprinae family. Often used for clothing.

2. None of the above definitions.
1. This jumper is made from wool.
by Dead Deer March 24, 2006
a soldiers clothing, and he arms himself with the hair of the lamb
wool sells well in times of war
by DiamondOne June 10, 2006
Wool: the soft wavy or curly hypertrophied undercoat of various hairy mammals and especially the sheep made up of a matrix of keratin fibers and covered with minute scales
Gravy: "hey potato I got you a sweater"

"oops i meant wool"
by greenbeanstew March 03, 2006
From the Liverpool term 'wooly back'. Even though it was origanally an insult aimed at them, people from the Wirral have taken this word as their own. It is now used commonly by youths in certain Wirral schools to describe an idiot or fool. There is also the use of the 'wool chant', which is used in the same way but it is chanted by many people instead (a good chant needs infusiasm, and needs alot of experience. when done properly the chant ends up sounding like louds of people shouting 'wall', completely independantly,) Many people from the wirral have also started to describe themselves as wools, as a sign of how they are proud to be from the Wirral.
Wool:Meh, the capital of spain is new york
Me: No it isn't you wool!

*wool falls off chair in class*
Kid at back: HA WOOL!
by wool February 16, 2006
1) Fool, idiot.
2) Cockhead
Did you see that shit? That guy's a wool!
by Dave August 13, 2003
Southern or Redneck way of saying the word "Well"
Wool, I don't really care that I'm talking like a moron.
by Kaos814 August 18, 2007
A hot babe or group of fly honeys.
I'm so studly, I have to beat the wool off with a stick.
by harry pantstoucher October 11, 2003

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