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All talk no action. Saying you're gonna do something and not do it.
"Jeah he was talking about what he was gone do... his ass was woofing tho"
by Jbizzle44 November 29, 2007
When a young person throws caution to the wind, rejects their material possessions and travels the world working on organic farms for the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms organization. They pay for the plane ticket, but then have free room and board in exchange for back breaking labor on an organic farm.
"Have you heard from Elisha lately?"
" No, I heard she was Woofing on a Costa Rican Pineapple plantation."
by Mooper January 15, 2013
The act of repeatedly lying or exaggerating beyond comprehension. Derived from the incorrect pronounciation of the expression: "you're crying wolf" (pronounced "woof", missing the "L" sound).
Ed told everyone that he wasn't attracted to men, but when we caught him kissing Bruce we knew he was woofing.
by TheEdK July 27, 2010
The act of shitting on a person's car that you absolutely hate with a burning passion.
We going woofing tonight and getting that bitch Rayburn.
by DillAssPickle June 28, 2015
Relentless pursuit of potential targets by eligible batchelors.
Bloke 1: are you here to go sailing or just to go woofing
Bloke 2: rule one, always go woofing
by iamjg January 03, 2014
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