all bark and no bite
He's not gon do nothin he just woofin'.
by Cacee July 11, 2005
Top Definition
lying about something
that niggas woofin dawg
by Darren September 02, 2003
lying, to not be telling the truth.
Yo yo yo, pres. Bush is a freakin' rocket scientist, that man got brains.
No way man, you be woofin'.
by Jeff October 01, 2003
Bullshittin about somethin that needs to get done
Yo mang, you straight woofin it. You need to spark that shit and put it in tha air.
by Gamma Rho Tres April 14, 2009
To be lying, to be telling false truths
Guy 1: i just got with 20 girls

Guy 2: you hella woofin'
by Kelsey Henderson February 14, 2011
to be angry towards someone or something
Guy : "what happened to Sarah?"
Guy : "She's still woofin about me cheating on her"
by Aubs346729837426 December 03, 2010
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