The Finest bourbon,I belive, ever distilled. Mix with coke and enjoy.
Woodstock is a fine piece of alcohol distilliry.
by Bite It You Scum September 03, 2005
In the middle of nowhere in Virginia... Central is the better of Shenandoah County...
Good 'Ole Woodstock...

"what you doing tonight?"
"hanging out at Wal-Mart!"
by Gilly January 29, 2005
TO be high, on drugs.
"Hey did Jake go retarded? He painted his car to look like a brick house."

"No man, Keith gave him some mad chronic, he was woodstock."
by Ryandizzle October 18, 2006
woodstock, a hot town just 30 mins from ATL! sure its in the middle of georiga but no one who lives here was actually born and raised in georgia we are all from the north! we are well off people with nice things in a bigger town than it seems but its really spilt into two towns, one downtown woodstock and towne lake (where us the sorta rich people live). everyone you know is always at the local supermarket so u really cant get a gallon of milk with out running into everyone and their mom.
"sure its in the middle of georgia but its a lot bigger than most towns!"
by Cayla April 22, 2005
1) CIA-spearheaded social experiment in the 1960's, involving roping in masses of youth, using rock music, and getting them zombied-out on drugs. The government did that because the youth had been getting too socially-conscious. The event took place in Bethel, NY, near the town of Woodstock.

2) Town in upstate NY where old hippies wander about, and yuppies go to buy tie-dyed shirts to show that they're hip.
We had a wonderful time in Woodstock, there was so much peace and love in that t-shirt shop.
by Canada Street's in the bldg. December 09, 2006

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