Mythic concert in the 60's that loser teens around the world have embarassed themselves trying to replicate ever since.

Seriously, what do you expect from a generation whose definition of "cool" involves hanging at Starbucks or messaging their friends on Facebook whenever they go to the bathroom?
There was only one Woodstock, the 60's are gone, nowadays world sucks. Get over it.
by Sullivan1990 August 15, 2009
the most badass place in illiois, the famous movie groundhogs day with bill murry was filmed there... is famous for its legendary square.
"Dude... have u been to Woodstock yet?" " Hells yeah, its badasss!"
by mcbadass breezy March 06, 2010
What everyone who lived in the 60s said they went to, but actually didn't.
Dude, remember Woodstock? It was radical!
I didn't go, and neither did you, you pothead hippie wannabe.
by I'm so bloody bored February 24, 2015
1: A hippie concert

2: A yellow warbler from Peanuts
I'd never have gone to Woodstock.

Woodstock is my favorite character.
by Korora January 25, 2005
This is when a man has missionary sex with a woman (who doesn't shave) and pulls out then ejaculates on her bush then performs oral sex on her. The inference is that her bush is kinda like a "birds nest".
Lisa: That dude seemed alright but he got drunk, did the woodstock, then tried to kiss me. Not cool.
by Chicagodan June 02, 2011
a person who is nice to hang out with but occasionally gets very very emotional
i guess shes is a woodstock she is nice for a secound but then flips out
by burnt waffles May 19, 2008
A gathering with an unhealthy number of males in attendance. Similar to a sausage fest.
"Dude, where's the chicks at?"

"Tell me about it, absolute woodstock in here!"
by Don Fandango August 06, 2007

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