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1) CIA-spearheaded social experiment in the 1960's, involving roping in masses of youth, using rock music, and getting them zombied-out on drugs. The government did that because the youth had been getting too socially-conscious. The event took place in Bethel, NY, near the town of Woodstock.

2) Town in upstate NY where old hippies wander about, and yuppies go to buy tie-dyed shirts to show that they're hip.
We had a wonderful time in Woodstock, there was so much peace and love in that t-shirt shop.
by Canada Street's in the bldg. December 09, 2006
27 60
one of the biggest friggin concerts ever. over a million hippies all in the same place. probably the biggest pot cloud ever. you could walk into the crowd sober, wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers and come out red-eyed stoned, wearing a poncho, beads/peace sign necklace, bell bottoms, and sandals. and jimi hendrix played there, too.
"Woodstock's the name of a bird in the Peanuts comics, too"
by Tommy F. September 05, 2005
405 78
1.A festival that took place in White Lake, NY in 1969.

2.A hippie town in New York that consists of hippies, environmentalists, bums, etc
1. My mom went to Woodstock '69.

2. Lets go smoke on the green in Woodstock.
by ArchieBunker April 04, 2004
362 78
The greatest rock and roll festival of all time. It was held at Yasgurs Farm (600 Acres) near Woodstock, New York on August 15-17 1969. Some of the greatest musicians of the time were there including; Jimi Hendrix, Ten Years After, Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Who, Canned Heat, Country Joe & the Fish, Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, and much much more. There were a ton of drugs here. 3 children were born, a few were conceived, and one or two people died.
'What do you think was the greatest concert?'

'Even though it was a festival, Woodstock by far.'
by UHMM December 07, 2006
274 105
the little birdy that sits with Snoopy on his doghouse.
What's Woodstock's purpose?

umm...he flys around and keeps Snoopy Company
by Kimpossible bia. June 14, 2007
181 60
a sick concert in 1969
Jim hendrix played
and so did the who
and shananana
and other crazy bands
by led zep June 01, 2005
132 46
Gathering of a million hippies to the greatest concert on earth. Preached peace, smoked pot, and smoked more pot. Many well known bands played, like Jimi Hendrix and The Who.
"Jimi Hendrix's star spangled banner at woodstock was righteous"
by sweetemotion09 May 21, 2007
97 29
Woodstock was a festival, probaly the coolest music festivals ever. Jimi hendrix and the who played and so did many other bands. It was pretty sic i have the dvd so u should get it if u can see people who have drugs and nudists
Purple haze all in my brain- Jimi Hendrix
The who played
Sha-na na na
by led zeppelin May 31, 2005
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