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Woodstock Flakes or Nutritional Yeast as it is traditionally called, dates back to ancient Egypt. It is a yeast fermented on molasses. The rise in popularity in recent years in the 'hippie' community has dubbed the formally known 'Nutritional Yeast' with a new name with less nutrition in the title. Containing 200% of your daily B12 per teaspoon, Woodstock Flakes are widley known as a dietary supplement and food seasoning.
Mix in fresh juice, top a salad, in soups, to thicken gravies, on popcorn, as a cheese substitute, or anywhere you want.

"Oh man, this popcorn is bland"
"You want to sprinkle some Woodstock Flakes on it?"
"Awesome! Thats the Shizit"
by J-Here April 20, 2010
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