Fairfax High Schools rival for as long as anyone can remember

woodsons a shithole full of posers plus
they call us white trash... yet they are on the same street as us. ?

kids from fhs kicked the shit out of some kid from woodson

mess with fhs and thats what you get

Farifax: CAMERON + RYAN ARE OUR HEROS. fuck woodson

Woodson: oh yeah? well you suck.
by spermantha February 24, 2005
Top Definition
The best school in the freaking universe
Home of the Cavaliers
Fairfax High School's Rival
Dude, i love Woodson High School!
Ikr! It's so chilll
by Cavalier2014 January 24, 2011
Woodson, better than the faggot rebels who are angry because they are to trashy to get any. Known for their great talents and huge penises.
FHS sucked Woodson High School's Ginormous Cock
by eatshitfairfax April 25, 2005
n. a run down shitty ass excuse for a school which is home to a bunch of good for absolutely nothing faggots.

see: cunts, posers, queers, bitches, for more in depth explanations.
Woodson kids are a bunch of pussies, fuck them.
by Woodsonkiller February 25, 2005
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