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What Falmouth, MA townies use to refer to people who live in Woods Hole, often said disparagingly, despite the fact that Woods Hole kicks ass, and is the only part of Falmouth that is simultaneously both classy AND unique. Case in point -- Ballymead's classy, right? Not unique, though! All the houses look exactly the same more or less, all white, with perfectly manicured lawns.
And the rest of Falmouth, classy? Fuck outta here man. More like trashy as fuck.

Woods Holians shit on townies. And that's a fact. Fuckin' gutter trash townies tryna talk shit; run yo pockets nigga. Yeen really got it like us yeen really swole like us.
Look, those sandals are sooo Woods Holian, I don't think they'll go over well with the Seacoast crowd.
by The Authority on WH August 16, 2009

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