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wü-dəl dü-dəl/ noun.

clouds; rainbows; shrooms; unicorns; magic; acid; icecream from heaven; megan m; taylor r.

wü-dəl dü-dəl/ verb.

The act of going crazy; insane; not caring about anyone/anything; feel like your flying; like your in a moshpit.
Person 1: oh my god that weed is so woodle doodle!
Person 2: yeah i feel like a woodle doodle right now! this shit is bombbb!

Person 1: Duuuuude, i fucking woodle doodled lastnight!
Person 2: whaaat?! where? your so lucky!
Person 1: Just in the city i did it last week too!
Person 2: i want what your taking!!
by Tegan Meynolds April 10, 2009