A Bronx neighborhood that seems to be the rival of Riverdale. They are separated by Van Cortlandt Park.
At least Woodlawn people can admit they live in the Bronx...that's BRONX, New York 10470
by EJ April 18, 2005
Top Definition
where theres a bar on every corner and you wake up in the gutter.
it happened to me last night.
by Patrick O'Reilly February 14, 2005
An Irish neighborhood (well, THE Irish neighborhood i guess) in the Bronx, NY. Main drags are Katonah Avenue, and McLean Avenue (which is technically in Yonkers, but is usually considered part of the neighborhood because the Irishness extends into Yonkers for a few blocks.) Woodlawn and McLean Heights are often collectively called Wood-Lean.
Woodlawn is 60% Irish.
by YO Man June 24, 2004
a section of the bronx that is 60% irish and 40% black. if you live in one part of woodlawn its all old irish people, but on the other side it is almost all black.other nationalties wouldnt even add up to 1%. if you live on vireo your in the predominatly white are but if you live by the train its a ghetto, like really REALLY bad area. while no one in woodlawn is rich their are often fights at the schools because of racial tension
i live in riverdale where all people seem to hate woodlawn.
by cwallace December 05, 2006
The best neighborhood in the Bronx. Is NY's official Irish neighborhood. Right by the train to Yankee Stadium and Manhattan. The coolest place ever. Has the pride of the Bronx and the safeness and quiet of the suburbs. Peace.
Woodlawn is bounded by the city of Yonkers, the Bronx River Parkway, 233 St, and Van Cortlandt Park.
by Woodlawn October 01, 2004
da best place to live unsubstituable unarguable it is da place 2 be at
woodlawn is where i live and im damn proud of it
by mikey brens March 05, 2004
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