Small New Jersey town in the Pascack Valley part of Bergen County. There's a strip mall (that used to be a farm) with an Anthropologie, JCrew, Banana Republic, Panera Bread, Victoria's Secret, The Gap and not much else. North American or World Headquarters of all of the following: Mercedes, BMW, Ingersoll Rand, Barr Lab (thank them for birth control), KPMG, A&P and a few other big corporations. Close to Paramus: land of many shopping malls. Also, not far from New York City, where we gain our culture. We don't have our own high school, we got to Pascack Hills in Montvale, with kids from Montvale, which is part of the Pascack Valley Regional High School District, the first public school in NJ to get laptops for each student. We have no downtown, so we hang out in Westwood or Ridgewood. Mostly Westwood. We are obsessed with frozen yogurt. Semi-jappy and filled with Mcmansions. Land of many doctors and lawyers. 7th grade is all about the bar/bat mitzvahs. Oh and we have no cute boys. Absolutely no cute boys. However, not a horrible place to spend a childhood. Boring as hell, but safe.
All the middle school girls from Woodcliff Lake think they're cool because they cover themselves in Tiffany's jewlery and designer handbags. Hahaha.
by WCLishot October 17, 2005
Top Definition
Woodcliff lake is a town in Bergen County, New Jersey. Many people play basketball here. Home of JAPs, punks, druggies, and others. The town is made up of 91% Jewish, 8% Christian, and 1% other. Many boys say "your mom." Seventh and eighth graders spend their weekends at bar/bat mitvahs or hanging out with friends. High school is what partying is all about. WCLakers go to school with the montvalers in high school.
"OMG I love your juicy shirt!"
"You smell like a pig." "Your mom!"
"Woodcliff lake is da bomb!"
by xoxoxox April 03, 2006
A town in Bergen County. It is a made up of 100% Jews. If you are not Jewish, you do not live in this town, you just think you do. Every one of them has their own sports car by the time they're seventeen. Baruch Atah Adonai is used daily as they eat at "sevey's" bar mitzvahs and fo' breakfast, lunch, and dinner. "Jap" is a word commonly used to describe them... but they are much more than that. The term "Jew Nose" has been derived from Woodcliff Lake. All the girls carry their Juicy bags from their big ass noses and discuss at the lunch table, their recent visit to friends from camp (JEW CAMP). Your mom and that's what she said are commonly spoken here.
Woodcliff lake Girl: "I love your new juicy sweater!!"
other wcl girl: "thanks i got nine for hannukah! one in every color, plus my matching nose job!!!"
by mv kicks ass hoes January 15, 2008
A small town located in northern Bergen county, NJ. Home of japs, preps, whores, and snobby fake assholes. 90% jews, 4% christian, 1% other. People who live in town usually spend their day sitting inside, because their is no decent place to go except for the town convinient store, "Fusco's". Most resort to hanging out in surrounding, non-boring towns. Most people can not use their town strip mall named "Tices Corner" because there is not one god damn store that people care about except for the "iMac" store. Kids who are not japs, preps, or assholes are not seen as important to the other children because they are different and have creativity. For Example: punks,goths,emo's,or just people who have their own style, are not acknowleged as much as, say, preppy girls who think they're 17 and they're not.(they're probably going to get raped by the age of 14). During their 6-8th grade years, Students who attend Woodcliff Middle School enjoy going to bar and bat mitzvahs, going to parties, and trying to prepare for highschool. High school students who attend Pascack Hills High School, in Montvale, NJ, find new friends, have fun, and wait until their senior year so they can take total control. a perfect example of what most call "suburbia". Citizens who grow up here do not have a good sense of what reality actually is. People in this town use the phrase "your mom" frequently.
Sally- "Woodcliff Lake? I've heard of that town. I know a jappy whore who got rapped by her 17 year old b/f when she was only 14!"

Jane- "oh no! maybe I should tell my parents not to move there after all. I think here in Montvale, things will be fine!"
by love.over.death November 13, 2005
a town filled with crazywhores. rich bitches. town of jews who go home, play guitar hero, curse off their parents, go to sleep. Also are the dumbest shits to ever live
"look shes from woodcliff lake."
"yea she must be a ho fosho"
by niggafosho January 08, 2008
Woodcliff Lake is a town located in Bergen County, New Jersey. It is famous for having a plethora of rich kids. Think of Woodcliff Lake as a suburban version of Gossip Girl. From an early age (7th grade on) children spend their time at lavish bar/bat mitzvahs. Jewish kids spend their time during the summer at various camps while the non-jewish rich kids spend them doing whatever they please.

High School is spent at Pascack Hills. This is where Woodcliff Lakers are forced to mix with poor Montvalians. Many Montvalians resent Woodcliff Lakers for being richer than they are. Woodcliff Lake is where almost 100% of the smart, rich kids come from and the Montvalians know it.

High School is filled with parties. Many rich kids parents leave for a while leaving their McMansions unattended creating the perfect opportunity for a party. Most Lakers spend their vacations in various places all over the United States and abroad. Summer Camp for the Jews and Teen Tours tend to become popular during the early high school years. High School kids also bring their cars to school. You will see an abundance of cars from Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, and Acura. Lexuses and BMWs are by far the most popular. Any other crappy car in the lot will most likely be owned by a student from Montvale.

Demographics: Rich Jews, Rich Asians, Rich Whites. Poor others.
Montvalian: Hey, what are you doing this summer?

Laker: We're vacationing in Europe then coming back to spend time at the beach house. Then back to Woodcliff Lake. What about you?

Montvalian: Nothing.
by antoinejefferson July 20, 2011
An amazing town in the NY suburbs in Northern New Jersey, Bergen County. Everyone has an amazing house except for the people "across the tracks" who live in dumps. All of us go to camp in the summer upstate and have bitchy but hot friends that live in westchester or long island. Most of us are named Jordan, Brad, Leah, and Tori. We all have BMWs by the time we're 16 and love going to bar mitzvahs on weekends. We all sport our sweatshirts from the latest bar mitzvahs. Bloomingdales and Nordstrom are the ONLY damn places the girls shop. Guys dont give a crap what they look like as like as they get completely wasted at the next upcoming party. Woodcliff Lake is 90% Jewish, 7% Chrisitian and like 3% Asian. We go to Pascack Hills with "Montvalers" who think threyre hot shit because they all live in 2 room shacks next to lumber yards and Dunkin Donuts. Also close to Hillsdale, which is a redneck infested hellhole and River Vale, a semi crappy town home to baseball playing uber guidos where every house looks the same. Many of us live in huge houses on Blueberry Hill near the temple and love to brag about it to camp friends and newbies at school.
Jared: Oh hey Rachel who's this?
Rachel: This is Rusty, he's from Montvale.
Jared: Oh, you must live in that one room apartment above the pizza shop right?
Rusty: Naw, i actually live in a trailer behind the landfill.
Rachel: Yeah, it's not easy to compete with living in 6 bedroom mansion on the Hill with a Jacuzzi on the roof in Woodcliff Lake.
Jared: Hey you guys let's go in my new BMW 3 series to the booze party next to my house on Blueberry.
Rachel: Yea!
by caboy July 20, 2010
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