Me and all my all-male Woodberry classmates know what WFS really stands for, do you? It stands for Woodberry Fucks Sheep-which we do ALOT. In fact, I'm doing that right now and taking it up that butt from my guy roomate! Today was funny, we picked on the one straight kid at our school, he left though.
Woodberrguy1-Hey you know what WFS stands for?
Woodberryguy2-YEAH, lets go!
Woodberryguy1- Hold on, I forgot my strap on.
by WoodberryROCKS January 19, 2005
1- They can't drive
2- Their parents dont love them and send them away
3- They are the worst dancers alive
4- They are 98% disgusting
5- They're horny and will hook up with a meat grinder
6- They molest
St. Catherine's Girl 1: Why is that guy staring at me like I'm from another planet?
St. Catherine's Girl 2: Oh, because he's a horny molester who wants to get in my pants AKA from woodberry forest
by Johnathan Rockafeller January 16, 2005
Homosexual fellowship school in Orange, VA. They all have a big homo pow-wow before the Episcopal game and they think they are hot shit. They get owned by everybody in nearly every sport except cock sucking. They are the only ones who participate. 'nuff said, bitches. Also see pussies, fags, declaration of 1974, and WOODBERRY FOREST
Prep League Athlete A: Hey, did you see those woodberry guys stretching before the game today?
Prep League Athlete B: HAHA Yes, those stuck up bitches are the definition of gay.
Prep League Athlete A: Yeah, who else would make a bigass bonfire to try and show their manhood?
by fuck you December 23, 2004
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