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Substitution for home boi.

Pronounce: wooooo-day
Question: Whuddup wooday

Answer: Chillun wooday
by some gangsters from the the 305 January 23, 2008
used to announce a proclimation of sweetness. can be substituted for: nice, sweet, or chilli willi.
you killa, I just some head, it was fasheezi... wooday!
by rafi marcus January 12, 2003
syn: chilli wackin, cash, money, WHAT, nice. (Can only be used by killas, wooday masters, and baby dolls)
yo baby, I'll give you the time of your life! WOODAY!
by rafi marcus February 06, 2003
really cool, dtf, fun, genious, hillarious, fuck sexy, good, the best, number 1, rockin, everything amazing.
dem titties is wooday, i'd like to show her some wooday, its wooday today, im feelin wooday, i want some wooday, avacados are wooday.
by Adi Barnes June 11, 2008

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