A dork; an idiot; someone obviously lacking in style and/or intelligence.
Dude, you're such a Woods.
by August West January 28, 2005
To be someone so great that everyone in the surrounding environment seethes with jealousy.
Wow, that person sure is like wood.

Hey, I wish I could be wood.

Man, I hate that wood guy for being so awesome.
by TheOneAndOnlyWood August 25, 2006
another name for Angel dust, or PCP
yo... Lets go to Forest park, Brian is there and hes got nice dimes of wood.
by mavros April 09, 2006
A man of extreme greatness. Usually found around a Shly or a Niko, who complete him. Usually found around the Shly more often, but when around Niko, crazy events will, and do, follow.
I love wood, and he's super cool.
by Nik the Snik November 27, 2005
more of an idea or a concept than a specific definition. Wood is that which is brought, thrown, delivered, lain or otherwise conveyed to members of the female gender. Many have claimed to bring the wood, or perport to bring the wood on certain ocasions. Persons who falsely contend that they are pervayers of wood are individuals of the lowest caliber. see chotch
you bringin' the wood tonight? Its already been broughten!
by Taft Cardigan June 27, 2003
of HollyWood types. Famous and superior
Dude's wood, man.

He's got wood written all over him.

That wood guy is f'n great.
by Anonymous March 04, 2003
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