When an album fails to sell enough copies to become certified Gold or Platinum (or Silver where it applies).
That new 50 cent cd is commercial garbage, if America had any taste, it would go wood.
by c4c4c4 July 05, 2006
1 Syn. Marijuana;weed;pot

2 Erection
"I broke down all the wood to roll the blunt."
by skratch July 26, 2004
Referring to Hollywood, Florida. Woods are a very shady place with lots of trees.
Ima head to the woods and grab sum ghetty.
by 2La May 13, 2004
A word that distinguishes a potent, well tasting type of weed (Krypto) with a more less potent type of weed (Regs)
Fuck that, i dont smoke that wood
by Jim Bob April 15, 2005
What George gets in the mornings
Osca: AHHHHH bears trying to shove his wood in my face
by Dave October 03, 2004
when a male gets happy in a sexual way.
"last night i got on woods"
by Kanu October 09, 2003
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