Derogatory term for caucasian. Ususlly used while incarcerated.
- In Los Angeles county them South siders usually be lookin' out da woods.

- Yeah I'm posted up in the day room wit dis wood, but he cooler dan a motha fucka.
by Ryan Jay September 03, 2004
Slang for a genitailia
William said to Sally "Suck my wood!" and Sally ran away crying
by HomeyG-Funk April 25, 2003
verb. the act of discarding a carcass of a recent nuisance kill in the woods near the back forty. i.e. an opposum that was eating your cat's food, wild dog that was eat your chickens, stray tom cat that was pissing on your back door, coyote, etc.
Animal control "old school country style".
Hold on a minute Man, I'm woodsing a 'yote I slammed that was after my chick'ns.
by corapeake January 22, 2011
Get off my wood!
by gobo June 02, 2003
Gay, and/or Homo-sexual
Adam Lambert is so Wood.
by DownTheRabbitHole August 01, 2010
1 Syn. Marijuana;weed;pot

2 Erection
"I broke down all the wood to roll the blunt."
by skratch July 26, 2004
When an album fails to sell enough copies to become certified Gold or Platinum (or Silver where it applies).
That new 50 cent cd is commercial garbage, if America had any taste, it would go wood.
by c4c4c4 July 05, 2006

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