an Abbreviation for the cigar 'backwood' used to smoke weed with
Yo dog i got sum weed lets get a wood
by chinaboi November 04, 2006
fast food or food that you ate that wasn't very good but you consumed it because you were hungry
McDonald's food used to be good when i was a kid but when i got older i realized that it was some wood.
by jayrok06 February 23, 2010
Something you just got from reading this definition.
"Man, those gave me some big wood." ~Your dad, on looking over his old Playboys
by Dohayecarumbadoh April 23, 2011
A slang term used in the South for unpotent, normal, weed; or "schwag" if you may.
"Man that was some fuckin wood. I dont even think i got high."
by THE WILSONATOR January 31, 2007
Abbreviation for peckerwood. White boy.
A mexican jumped up from the shadows and told me there were no wood beds available.
by Reb Richard August 13, 2006
questioning for object, read by western cowboys.
Wood the fuck is your problem
by Melancholykills August 11, 2009
Having an advantage over the competition, 60's muscle car term.
"I've got the wood all over that guys Chevy"
"That car has got the wood all over the competition"
by Cassar November 16, 2006

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