short for "peckerwood" this is a term used to describe a white boy.
Looks like a wood to me
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
In the sales industry wood = a horrible lead where the prospect was a total loser and had no intentions of buying anything. They may have been broke or just a total ass looking to waste the salespersons time.
Hey how was that lead? It was total wood!
by Robb_Revere November 03, 2010
a term used to show respect or fellowship among white prison inmates, ex-cons and rednecks; peckerwood; whiteboy.
"its tough in prison. you have to be hard, wood."

by aimoner March 21, 2007
White in Jail... Pecker wood *maybe* . Caucasian mail in the County Jail, Prison, (hard white boy) (white gangster) skin- skin head white supreamasist maybe* *refers to whit as brothers.
Hey brother come join the wood pile.
Look theres more woods in here. '
by BeAr ArcaDia WhiTe BOyZ November 29, 2003
A dick
My girl grabbed my wood and started rubbing it
by King awesome27 April 09, 2014
The description of ones arousal or excitement
Man im really wood right now
by Tiberious hoo ha June 15, 2010
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