Incarceration Term-Used to describe whites in prison/jail. Short for peckerwood, a derogatory term used to portray dumb white boys. Much like redneck.
The Aryan Brotherhood white supremicist gang states that it means Whites Only One Day Soon. This is incorrect however.
Blacks are brothers or kinfolk. American latinos are chicanos. Immigrant latinos are pisanos. Indians are chiefs.
One of the woods in our block got caught stealing a radio. The wood head sent out the torpedos to stomp him. That punk bitch won't be able to walk for a year.
by Fumanchewd October 25, 2006
comes from trees
purdyful trees
by Winnie The Shit November 28, 2003
Woods are the white guys in prison.
I gave message to the woods about you in county.
by Holly January 08, 2005
the hard stuff thats on trees.
I went outside and found some wood on my tree.
by Roseee December 20, 2007
To wood, is to jam ones manhood in the door!.
chris jammed his wood in the door
by mrSEE November 28, 2010
1. Something you get from a tree, if you looked up wood for this definition you sir are an idiot.

2. An erect penis, also known as hard, and boner. Something Jessica Alba gives you.
1. Lets cut the tree to get some firewood

2. My girlfriend just gave me wood.
by Im the guy who wrote wood. August 15, 2009
In the sales industry wood = a horrible lead where the prospect was a total loser and had no intentions of buying anything. They may have been broke or just a total ass looking to waste the salespersons time.
Hey how was that lead? It was total wood!
by Robb_Revere November 03, 2010

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