The art of taking a beer bong full of wine.
Fill up the wong! Dude, that was delicious!
by Alex McDonald December 07, 2006
to smoke marijuana and drink coffee in the morning and/or early afternoon, creating a buzz that combines the high of pot with the effects of caffiene; derived from wake and bong
Peter and Eliza wonged for the better part of the day, listening to music, playing chess and eventually ordering fish tacos.
by ELP111 January 07, 2007
The concatenation of "woman" and "pong". The effect a male suitor or partner experiences while waiting for a woman to get ready, as she bounces from room to room - bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, closet, living room, etc. - assembling herself for an evening out. Much as the video game pong bounces a ball between to moving paddles, the effect is monotonous, boring, endless and/or frustrating.
"I got there at 7pm like we had agreed upon, but due to an hour and a half of wong, we did not leave her house until 8:30. This explains my tardiness and the stiffness of the drink currently in hand."
by Brandon Peele September 13, 2007
the opposite of "wight"
ah chang, how come asian kid get math problem wong?
by mr tallywhacker January 24, 2007
A male's penis, a male's private part.
Wow, that guy has a huge wong.
by Katie M B January 13, 2008
A goofy person; often used as a nickname.
We found wong playing with a napkin
by Brian Brackenwood April 12, 2006
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