When one squeezes his or her ass to assist in masturbation. Can also involve the curling of toes or tightening of the hamstrings.
"Prozac turned my dick into taffy; I really had to Wong to get myself off"
by Erich O. January 17, 2009
A piece of hair or a group of hairs, that stick up in the back of your head, unnoticed by you, and it getting a huge amount of laughs.
Look!! Henry has a huge Wong!!
Dude, just so you know, you have a huge wong
by Nemo Johnson December 29, 2008
The word that comes up in phones that use the iTap entry mode instead of "zomg."
Sam: ZOMG I just painted my nails black!

Graham: WONG!!!
by Qianwrenth September 10, 2008
A complete idiot or screw up
Debs, you're such a wong.


I can't believe you can't laugh properly, what a wong!
by gretzky October 30, 2006
A mean or harmful word used toward Homosexuals
You fuckin' Wongs You Wong or You Son of a fuckin' Wong
by Steven Gonzales April 26, 2008
Cash. Money. An abbreviation of wonga.
Oi! Where's my wong?
by Terry Edwards March 29, 2006
When you slap a woman across the side of her tit, hard.
Heh, you just got wonged.
by scarebear86 October 21, 2007
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