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Wong poker is a mega rad awesomely sick texas holdem' poker tournament held every second Thursday at a rotating venue in the Northern suburbs* of Melbourne, Australia. It sees 8 rad (to the extreme) dudes fight it out for the highly decorated and much revered TWOT (tournament Winning Official Trophy) aka Amulet. It is arguably the most exciting and much anticipated poker tournament in the universe.

*One rural Victoria venue.
Jared: "Who is hosting wong poker tonight?"
Daniel: "According to the roster, David is hosting wong poker"
Brenton: "But he swapped wong poker hosting duties with Andrew"
David: "Yes, Andrew is hosting wong poker"
Brad: "I hear he is serving seafood at wong poker"
Chris: "I bloody love seafood"
Jarrod: "I bloody love wong poker"
by le Camel March 27, 2012