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1. Having or displaying wonderful and wacky qualities.

Unlike other portmanteau words such as guesstimate and fantabulous, that make you sound like you’re just too dumb to know which word to use, Wonderfacky conveys two distinctive qualities in one ginormous word.

Empirical proof for wonderfacky being a great portmanteau word is discovered when one says the word aloud. (say it now) see what I mean? Even though it's not a “dirty word”-- it totally sounds like one. Right? This makes it hilarious and valuable. See Zorse, Diabesity, and Spork.
It's literally raining pizza outside, which should be horrible, but it's not even messy, and it's really good quality chicago-style pizza, floating down slowly in the cardboard boxes with the "Pizza Map of Italy" on it.... This is the most wonderfacky situation ever, Steve Curry!
by CoachC19 September 23, 2010

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